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Pastor's Desk - Lekan Oyewande
Thursday, June 06 2019

Moving from glory to glory is about taking charge and walking in dominion as was God’s original plan for man in Genesis 1:26-28.  Hence in Psalm 8:5-6 the psalmist sheds more light on this when he said, “For You have made him a little lower than the  angels, And You have crowned him with glory and honour. You have made him to have dominion over the works of Your hands; You have put all things under his feet” God does not want His Children subdued by  situations and circumstances therefore He gave them authority, to rule their world by demonstrating His  power through them.  To have dominion is to reign, exercise   authority and be in charge! Your head is not meant to be bowed; you are not supposed to give up, or bargain with the  opponent – the devil and his cohorts. Welcome to June 2019: Walking in  Dominion! Listen carefully: I have given you authority [that you now possess] to tread on serpents and  scorpions, and [the ability to exercise authority] over all the power of the enemy (Satan); and nothing will [in any way] harm you (Luke 10:19 AMP).  Note the word YOU NOW POSSESS meaning that before you gave your life to Christ there is the tendency to be dominated but once in Christ, you have the ability to exercise authority over ALL the power of the enemy! I therefore pray that God will give you the boldness to stand your ground and walk in dominion. You are strengthened and empowered to remain victorious all the days of your life. No longer would you be restrained or held back but God will make all things to be under your feet from now on in Jesus name. You will reign in the face of opposition in Jesus name.


Walking in dominion goes beyond lip service; it is more about taking your stand as a child of God, it is being able to grasp what you can do in Christ because you are no longer operating based on your own limitations but you have come to the realisation that you truly have all that God promised you.  You are what and who He says you are! Exo. 7:1 AMP says, Then the Lord said to    Moses, “Now hear this: I make you as God to Pharaoh  [to declare My will and  purpose  to him]; and your brother Aaron shall be your prophet.   Like He did to Moses, God is saying I make (insert your name)  God to his or her  enemies. You have been called to have dominion. You will  not live below God’s 

expectation in Jesus name. The one who will walk in dominion should be prepared to walk alone and be misunderstood by even Christians!  The three Hebrew boys exercised dominion by refusing to be intimidated or coerced into submission to the will of their enemies (Dan.3:16-28); David exercised dominion when he did not give in to the rants of Goliath (1 Sam.17).   Refuse to lose your dominion because it is your birth right which became yours the day you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour! If you haven’t given your life to Christ, it’s not too late to do so because no one can truly walk in dominion without Jesus.  He is the source of dominion and I encourage you to accept Him today so as to have dominion!


To walk in dominion, you must walk in the spirit as the bible says when you walk in the spirit you will not fulfil the desires of the flesh (Gal.5:16) meaning that you will have total  control over sin. The individual who will walk in dominion must be given to the word because therein lies the weapon you need to exercise authority; in Matt. 4:4-6 when the devil tried to bamboozle Jesus, our Lord’s reply was that, “IT IS WRITTEN” you cannot give what you don’t have, no wonder John 6:63 tells us …the word that I speak to you are spirit and life    meaning they are no ordinary words.   Show me a man who is walking in dominion and I will show you a man who is totally given to a life of prayer, a man who trusts God unreservedly and is obedient to His word; such a man can never be subdued, he can never be silenced! Have you neglected your prayer life? How obedient are you to the word? Remember partial obedience is no obedience; your obedience must be complete (2 Cor.10:6) only then can you exercise dominion.  It is not surprising that our Lord Jesus Christ exercised dominion in all aspects; He was given to prayer and totally obedient to His father therefore He was given a name that represents dominion (Phil.2:8-9).  I decree that henceforth you will begin to operate and walk in dominion and may the mercy of God keep you from falling in Jesus name.   Shalom


Lekan Oyewande
June 2019



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