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Pastor's Desk - Lekan Oyewande
Thursday, November 24 2016


Psalm 18

In the name of Jesus Christ, I overcome every spirit of fear to break barriers. My faith is built up and I am lifted out of every struggle. I am not hopeless for my God will help me.  My helpers of destiny will not give up on me. My dream of greatness will not die. I take a leap of faith into greatness. God will cause me to stand on heights. Every wall becomes my stepping stone. I will finish this month victoriously. My health will not fail. My strength will not fail. God will shield me with His favour. I will not lose anything or anyone to the devil. I am safe, I am secured and I am scaling new heights in Jesus name.


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Thursday, November 24 2016


Anyone who aspires to make headway in life must be prepared to cross hurdles and scale walls. It is surprising that most will give up once they get to the wall or would prefer to take alternative routes forgetting we have an able God. Welcome to November 2016: SCALING NEW HEIGHTS. The central scripture for this super theme is taken from Psalm 18:29 NIV - “With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall.” From this month, every wall on your path turns to your springboard to success, you will not only subdue walls but you will stand on top of them. Note that David the writer of this psalm showed his dependence on God before he can scale any wall. This month, the Lord will raise help for you to go up, move forward and scale new heights in Jesus name.  Beloved there are definitely new heights to scale, new depths to fathom and new possibilities to tap. What does it really mean to scale new heights? According to oxford dictionary, the phrase means “to achieve a high level of success in a particular activity” so I declare by the help of the Holy Spirit that you will succeed in ALL your endeavours in Jesus name. All your labour in life will not be for nothing. You will break through barriers in Jesus name. Whatever level you are operating at the moment, God has something better; He is the God of new things! New opportunities, new grounds to cover, unprecedented blessings and heights only to be imagined! In this season, God will give you and your household matchless testimonies; the kind that will naturally announce itself. The kind that has never happened in your family just like that of Joseph an ordinary prisoner becoming the prime minister in a foreign land; the kind that is causing Daddy GO’s fame to be noised home and abroad! The Lord will make you a barrier breaker, game transformer, norm changer and a force to be reckoned with in your generation in Jesus name.

Walls, difficulties or hindrances do not just appear out of the blues, they are sometimes used by God to showcase His supremacy and sovereignty. Who could have comprehended that ‘mere noise’ can demolish the wall of Jericho (Joshua 6:20-21) or that forces of nature could respond to a rod (Exo.14:21-22). Imagine she who was called ‘barren’ giving birth to the forerunner of Christ (Luke 1:36) or carnivores deciding to ‘fast’ when free meat was intentionally thrown into their midst (Daniel 6:16-22). Every form of ‘wall’ on your path preventing your advancement to greatness will bow to the supremacy of the Almighty God. Every wall mounted to prevent the manifestation of your testimony will crumble. You will scale every wall and come out victorious; your strength will not fail and your situation will prove to the heathen that God still answers prayer.

In Mark 2:3-12, a paralytic man experienced what looked like an insurmountable wall; he was unable to get to where he could be helped. There were so many 'walls'preventing him but God raised for him helpers of destiny who were not deterred by the barriers instead they took their creativity to the next level, moved out of the norm and did the unthinkable! They cut the roof open and let their friend through. I am sure they were tired of carrying their friend everywhere, they must have been tired of seeing him in that helpless state, and they would have seen getting to Jesus as the only option. Beloved you need to be tired of your present state otherwise you will be routed in a state of  'stagnation’, you need to do things differently otherwise you will keep getting the same result. I am sure it would have been pretty uncomfortable cutting the roof open but they didn’t care, it may have even hurt them afterall it wasn’t planned but they were ready to give it their all. They were too determined to go let their friend go home the same way he came. Those that God has ordained to help you will not give up on you. Beloved by the grace and mercy of God, you will not end this month the way you started. God will engrace you to end it bigger and better in Jesus name. 

According to the story of this paralytic man, everyone needs helpers of destiny to lift you up or nudge you forward. They are usually positioned by God to take you to the top; their presence in your life is to ensure you scale new heights and achieve the impossible. They add worth to your life and steer you through limitations till you get to your destination. Even our Lord Jesus had 12 of them! May God bring them your way in this season and may God make you visible to them in Jesus name. Where they have been let go out of ignorance, may God give you another chance and may they locate you speedily this month in Jesus name.  As earlier mentioned, like these friends you certainly need to see Jesus as the only way out of that dilemma. Beloved this is another opportunity to heed the call to salvation if you have not done so already. It is only with His help that walls can be scaled. You need a friend in Jesus to get to your topmost top. Accept his offer of friendship today.

What are those things you must watch out for that can prevent you from scaling new heights? You must watch out for distractions, past accomplishment as these are the fastest routes to failure as we saw in the story of Samson in Judges 16:20. You must keep an eye on laziness, complacency and the likes. Also you must be careful of people who only praise you with the intention of keeping you on one spot rather embrace those who will challenge you; these are not detractors who aims at bringing you down but those who bring out the potentials in you and navigate you towards achieving your purpose. You need to completely trust God to help you; He is asking you to make that move today. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Take that step today and watch your greatness unfold before you in Jesus name. Shalom.

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