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Pastor's Desk - Lekan Oyewande
Friday, December 01 2017


Oftentimes songs are used to mirror our moods; people sing to express sorrow, defeat, loneliness, joy, etc. You can use songs to tell stories of any kind, there are songs of inspiration, songs of happiness, repentance, reflection; songs to sing when in trouble and of course there are songs you sing when the tide turns in your favour, songs to proclaim your faith in the midst of adversity, songs you use to trample on daunting situations in order to tell the devil you serve a bigger God like Paul and Silas did in prison (Acts 16:25).  As a believer your songs of victory is not only a function of happenings or feelings but an assurance of the finished work of Christ at Calvary. The Israelites had it so tough in Egypt but when the Lord turned the tide in their favour, miracle became a daily occurrence for them such that the tune of their song changed. They began to sing songs of victory; Moses the stammerer became Moses the song composer as we see in Exo.15:1, “Then Moses and the children of Israel sang this song to the LORD, and spoke saying: “I will sing to the LORD, For He has triumphed gloriously! The horse and its rider He has thrown into the sea!” On this very triumphant note I welcome you to DECEMBER 2017: SONGS OF VICTORY! 

Songs of victory are for the redeemed (Is.51:11), those delivered from captivity and freed from oppression (Is.42:7). Songs of victory are sung by the ones whose stories have changed; the ones who have been translated from the lowest gaol of captivity to the spectacular light of God (Acts 12:7). Perhaps the songs you have sang before have been songs of defeat but because you have been ushered into a season of favour, your song is about to change! God will fill your mouth with songs of victory. If you have been singing songs of victory before, it will not turn to defeat. The victory you have obtained in the area of sin, lack, sickness and enemies will remain permanent in Jesus name. You will never have a better yesterday. God’s mercy that has preserved you till this last month will sustain you through to the end of the year and beyond in Jesus name. You will not lose anything however small or big instead your songs of victory will break all barriers in your life in Jesus name.

Songs of victory are not self-centred but entirely fixated on God’s ability! Have you ever pondered on why King David was such a great king? Looking through his story you will discover that David sang a lot of songs in his lifetime; he understood what it meant to be disappointed, lonely, sad etc but no other person sang the songs of victory better than David. In various chapters of the book of psalms, you will see him starting initially with lamentation but as you read along he always seems to end his complaints with songs of victory; he did this because he understood the supremacy of God and that victory can only be obtained through the supernatural, in Ps.32:7 (NLT), he said, “For you are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble, You surround me with songs of victory! May the Lord surround you with songs of victory in Jesus name.  Those who sing songs of victory cannot be concealed; you cannot hide a champion because the songs of winners echo. It now makes sense why David danced the way he did in 2 Sam. 6:14, when the tune of the music changes to that of victory, the dance is bound to change! I see the tune of your melody change from lamentation to joy, from confusion to absolute clarity, from shame to honour. I see you dance the victorious dance as God’s glory radiates all around you in Jesus name. David’s songs of victory never ceased, he even handed songs of victory to Solomon his son as we see in 1 Kings 5:4, “But now the Lord my God has given me rest on every side; there is neither adversary nor misfortune.” I declare by the mercies of God you shall obtain all round victory and your songs of victory will never come to an end in Jesus name.

For us in this dispensation of grace, the victorious life begins and ends with Christ. Have you accepted Him, if you have not, please do so without hesitation.  It doesn’t matter what you are passing through or where you are at the moment, all will be well because Christ has won the victory (1 Cor.15:57).  It was based on this knowledge that someone like Horatio Spafford could write, “It Is Well with My Soul” after losing his loved ones and Fanny Crosby could pen down, “To God Be the Glory” in spite of her limitations. If you look through the stanzas of both hymns you will realise that they were compiled with the assurance of an already secured victory!  

Many people in the bible sang songs of victory, Moses, Miriam, Deborah, Hannah, Jehoshaphat, Apostle Paul, Ezra, Mary the mother of Jesus and David just to mention a few, they all had things in common…they were willing and obedient (Is. 1:19),  willing to go the extra mile for God. They made up their minds that nothing will shake their faith not even the darkest prisons (Acts 16:25). They lived an exemplary life of worship, thanksgiving, and prayer (Psalm 145). They were soul winners, always ready to impact their world for Christ (Prov.11:30). To summarise they had right standing with God, “songs of joy and victory are sung in the camp of the godly. The strong right arm of the Lord has done glorious things! (Ps.118:15 NLT). As you resolve to live a life pleasing to God, your testimony shall be the Lord has done great things! God will crown 2017 with His goodness and your path shall drip with abundance (Ps.65:11). In the mighty name of Jesus you will never again sing songs of shame, sorrow or defeat; the Lord will continue to put songs of resounding victory in your mouth in Jesus name. Keep singing! Shalom.

Lekan Oyewande 
Dec. 2017

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